Females of Fright: Lucy A. Snyder

During the month of February, the Horror Writers’ Association (HWA) has been posting a series called Females of Fright to highlight female horror writers for Women in Horror Month (or #WiHM as you will see the hashtag).

I contributed to them a post about Lucy A. Snyder, which I am re-posting here.

Females of Fright: Lucy A. Snyder

Lucy A Snyder writer

Lucy A. Snyder

by Eva Roslin

I would like to write about Lucy A. Snyder as being one of the women who I would like to give a special shout-out to during Women in Horror Month. She exemplifies what it is for women to build each other up instead of tearing one another down. She is a consummate professional, dedicated to producing the most excellent writing she has, but also takes time to do teaching as well as coaching.

I hired her for editorial as well as coaching services, and it proved to be the single most helpful thing I have done to improve my writing. I am still working on it, of course, as it’s a long and difficult process, but she helped me more than she knows. At the time I hired her, I was soon to be out-of-work after working hard to graduate from a new degree program. I was stuck in a situation that I could not get out of it and that I had convinced myself for years would never get better. I let the pain from my disability and other chronic conditions eat away at my soul and gnaw at my heart. She worked with me and showed me compassion. She made me feel like I mattered. She made me feel seen and heard.

She told me that all women share that visceral reaction to the fact that loud men who often come from a position of privilege don’t want to hear our voices and try to silence us, but that we can fight back against that and reclaim our writing as a site of empowerment. During this dark period, I struggled against the thoughts that my life was worthless and that nobody cared. Lucy restored my sense of purpose and saved me from treading down dangerous paths even further.

She deserves accolades yes, but also to be recognized far more for her work, her brilliance, her professionalism, and for all she has brought to this field.